24 years of experience
San Francisco-Oakland-San Jose, CA

I've been a professional automotive technician since 1994, but my passion for the industry began well before my professional career. I'm certified and keep up to date on all changes to the industry which I apply when I'm inspecting and fixing vehicles. I work on all makes and models - from the classics to the new school, stock or aftermarket, street to racing, big trucks or small cars - I can fix them all!

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on February 26

Loved the service with Joshua, really felt like he went the extra mile to inspect my car. He went so far as to inflate my spare tire! No one does that! I'd highly recommend him.

on June 15

Very pleased at the convenience, experience, and thorough attention he provided while replacing my radiator. He came to my place of business and done in under two hours. I would recommend Joshua to anyone I know that needs automotive services!


  • Brake and Inspection Spec...


Oldsmobile Alero

on September 03

As I expected, Josh did an excellent job. Thank you Joshua! I will absolutely use this service again and again and will look to have Joshua as my mechanic. He is the best!


  • 1. passenger side headlig...


Buick Reatta

on August 16

finally a mechanic a single woman can trust and be treated with respect...Joshua Floyd put me at ease and answered all my questions without making me feel stupid...when it's time to fix the problems that come my way with my car, I'll be calling and asking for Joshua to help me fix it...

on February 02

Quick easy service. Car wouldn't start. Figured it was the battery so I booked an appt with Yourmechanic who paired me with Joshua. I didn't want to tow to the dealership and get charged arm and a leg. Came earlier than appt time which was a huge plus. It was the battery. Had it done in under an hr as he was checking for other things that may need repair too. I will for sure use his service again.

on August 12

Josh is a great guy and is very professional and boy is he ever thorough. He called me that morning and told me he had a cancellation and asked if he could come by earlier. I was happy to have it done earlier. He called again when he was nearby and said he'd be here in 5 mins. He's friendly and nice as can be. He knows what he is doing and explained it all to me in terms I could understand and then quickly got to work. After he finished, he told me about the front brakes being worn and recommended replacing them soon. He didn't pressure me to have this work done, just that they should be sooner rather than later. Based on that recommendation and the fact that I am starting to hear something when I step on the, I have made an appointment to have the brakes replaced and I am glad that I was able to book Joshua. Thank you!

on August 07

Josh did an awesome repair on my Chevy Camaro. replaced my starter on my car and the price was great,way cheaper then going to an auto shop. I will 100% to business with josh again. out of 10 stars josh breaks the scale.


  • Brake safety inspection


Toyota Corolla

on August 13

Josh is sincere, very professional. He diagnosed the problem with my car, which can not be done by different mechanics. Keep up the good work Josh. Amanuel El sobrante,ca

on May 09

Joshua was, as always, completely outstanding in every imaginable ŕespect. He is an Honorable man who exudes confidence & engenders Trust. My confidence in him far exceeds my humble ability to express it fully.

on March 12

This is the second time I've had Joshua come and fix a problem with my truck, and once again I'm extremely happy. He has a friendly professional manner, shows up when he says he will, completes the job in a timely fashion, and also checks to see how the previous work he did is holding up. I highly recommend Joshua and request him again for future fixes.

on November 03

Joshua was a bit late, but it was completely understandable given the rain that day and the terrible traffic. He called well in advance to warn me and gave me his updated ETA. I was purchasing a used vehicle and wanted to have it inspected before the purchase. Joshua showed up and spent a fair amount of time going through a very thorough check list and doing a test drive. He was very helpful and knowledgeable and gave me the details on everything he found. All fairly small items, but very useful during the negotiating process with the dealership. I was extremely happy with his work and will definitely recommend YourMechanic and Joshua to friends. Even the guys at the dealership were impressed with his work. Thanks Joshua!

on November 02

Totally works for, what I have always dreamed of. The appointment operator, friendly and polite. The notifications are so helpful. Joshua was soon to notify me of traffic situation that would create a slight tardiness. Then when he was a few miles away, he again gave me a 10 minute "heads- up. He arrived at my door smiling , hand extended and introduced himself. An hour later everything had been handled, no fuss, no muss... A brief conversation and POOF he was gone! This alleviates being humiliated in a waiting room while some idiot starts exposing my dirty air filter while the other customers witness the dedregation .... There were no hard sells. I will reccomended this service highly. The only downside, it's a bit pricey ...

on November 03

Joshua arrived early to my appointment to fix the starter in my car, a very welcome sight on a rainy Friday night. After checking the symptoms, he quickly realized what I was told was a starter problem by AAA, was actually a connection problem instead. Not only did he understand the underlying problem, he promptly cleaned the connection and saved me almost $200.00. A+ mechanic and I would recommend YourMechanic to anyone. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!



Toyota Avalon

on April 05

I bought my Avalon on last February 10th. The car is in so clean and mint condition by considering its age. However, I've noticed that the previous owner did not change timing belt and water pump for over 7 years. So at first, I made some quotes with different shops around my town. And obviously, they were asking too much of money on parts and labor to service timing belt and water pump. All of a sudden, I realized that I've serviced my previous car with YourMechanic before. Then, I made a quote, and I decided to make appointment today morning. In my opinion, Joshua is the most professional, friendly, and knowledgeable mechanics I've experienced. He was on time, completed the service way faster than I expected! Since he serviced my vehicle today, I would definitely make another appointment when the service is needed. Glad my Avalon found her doctor today!

on November 19

Joshua is what you call a professional. You expect your mechanics to be an expert, and that's exactly what Joshua was. He was able to diagnose to problem, and make the necessary recommendations. He also went into detail regarding the background of my vehicle to explain why certain things are a certain way. Best of all, all of this happened at my house. Your Mechanic will be my go to service provider for vehicle service going forward.

on April 05

Joshua found the source of the problem almost immediately upon doing his Preliminary Inspection ( it was NOT what I called him for). He showed up for the appointment we made for the repair and I was impressed by his professionalism. He had all his equipment and parts in order and did exactly what he promised in the time we allotted. He answered all my questions and I could tell he was very knowledgeable and was also conscientious about his methodology: he cleaned all the parts, he solved two more problems he noted as he worked, and when he was done, my truck was HAPPY and he didn't even leave a drop of oil on the ground, or a dirty fingerprint on the paint! Joshua is a credit to all mechanics everywhere. I HIGHLY recommend the services of YOURMECHANIC.COM.



Acura Integra

on June 14

I was alerted the previous night with an email, a text the morning of the appointment, and followed by a phone call with an update to arrival time. Josh does Super Excellent Expert work, WoW this guy knows alot about cars. He's done several big jobs on my car with fantastic results. He often goes far and above to solve the more (pain in the @**) technical problems.Has tons of patience for sorting out problems. My car is 20 years old and he's got it in great 'go any where' condition.

on March 28

He pays attention to details and goes above and beyond! He actually even complimented me for having troubleshot the problem. Appreciated! He changed out the part, checked all my fluids and made some recomendations that I will be scheduling. We had some great conversation. He loves what he does! Thats two cars he has fixed for me. Trying to get somebody on the phone was a big problem though...30 minutes on hold is not good! No reflect on Joshuas work.


  • Lyft Inspection


Honda CR-V

on November 20

Because of Joshua, I am willing to recommend Yourmachanic to everyone I know. His honesty and professionalism was perfect. He will be hearing from me and my family again.

on March 10

Let's talk superlatives! Your 5 star rating is not enough to describe the professionalism and exceptional performance of Mr. Joshua Floyd. I was very satisfied when I drove my Altima after the service. It's running smoothly again. Joshua is an excellent mechanic.I am giving him TEN stars!!!



Ford Ranger

on March 07

Joshua was amazing! I could tell he loves the job he does. He did a great job changing the radiator in my '93 Ranger, it's running like a dream now! He even had a tent for the rain and explained little things I knew nothing about. Joshua made this experience easy, convenient and a deal sealer for me. I will definitely use YourMechanic again!!

on March 03

Joshua was great. He listened carefully to my description of the issue and got to work fast diagnosing the problem. He was able to clearly communicate what was wrong with my car, and he didn't leave me with any reason to believe that he wasn't 100% correct. He is professional, courteous, and most importantly competent.

on March 06

Joshua has worked on my cars several times and is always professional and explains everything to me. Would recommend to anyone who wants a reliable affordable mechanic.

on February 25

Please inform Josh that my father needs to reschedule his appointment for the oil change for his 2013 Lexus LS430.. Name: Caroll Broadfoot Jr. Home: 707-642-2565----Cell: 707-654-0545.

on March 07

If only all interactions with mechanics were as pleasant as with Josh. Josh is professional, knowledgeable, detail oriented, and easy to communicate with via texts and calls. His passion and love for his work is obvious. It's a wonderful thing to see. When my car needs servicing again, I will be sure to schedule another appointment with Josh. Highly recommend.

on December 01

Josh was great! This is by far the best experience I have ever had dealing with my truck and a mechanic. I would recommend and Josh to all of my friends and neigbors. Thanks again for working on the holiday and making it a great holiday. Elynn Walker

on February 22

Joshua was very polite, apologetic that he was not finished on time with his job for Benjamin. Sevilla at my appointment time. He is very thorough in explaining his findings. He apologized that he could not give me the $20 rebate that you emailed me because you did not give me an "account number" he needed. He said he will give me a credit/refund once you give me my "account number" for the $20 rebate. I believe he is knowledgeable about his job.

on February 14

Joshua was by far the most experienced, knowledgeable and personable mechanic I have experienced to date. He diagnosed the problem and provided a solution that the mechanic that installed the engine could not locate. His friendly and professional demeanor made the arduous event of car repair quite enjoyable. You don't find this type of quality customer service everywhere. A gem of a mechanic. I have already recommended Your Mechanic to friends and family.


  • replace knock sensor


Honda Accord

on February 08

Joshua arrived on time, performed a thorough diagnosis to confirm the problem. Replaced the knock sensor, then tested to assure proper performance. I will hire Joshua when I need repairs in the future.



Honda Civic

on February 10

Josh is very friendly and knowledgeable about what he does. He explains everything clearly, I think that is important to know exactly what is going on with your car and its malfunctions. I will definitely make another appointment with Josh when repairs are needed.

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