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Brake Pads


by Gary from Centennial, CO 80122

While David was an hour late for the appointment, it was unavoidable and he called twice to update me on his arrival time. Upon arrival he went right to work on diagnosing the problems with my vehicle. He told me I needed new brake pads and the rotors turned but because my vehicle was older and I seldom drove it and then for short distances at low speeds, I didn't really need to spend the extra money on turning the rotors. He also diagnosed why the engine light was on as a minor sensor problem that didn't affect the functioning or safety of the vehicle. He gave me the pricing for repair but said it just wasn't something I needed to spend money on if I didn't want to. Having a mechanic tell me what I didn't need to spend money on instead of trying to squeeze every dime out of me is a new experience. It was like having a buddy who's an ace mechanic stop by and fix my car in his spare time. On top of all this, he discounted an hour plus another $20 for being late, so I ended up paying almost $80 less than the on-line estimate I received. Try finding a garage that would do that.

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Bad lighting coming from the low beams
Answered by Jay
Your Body Control Module (BCM) controls the headlights on your truck. According to GMC your headlights meet all safety standards; however they have a technical service bulletin (TSB) that may pertain to your situation. The TSB number PIT5374 dated February...
Stablity control warning light on constantly
Answered by Derek
I agree that technology breeds a love and hate relationship, my advice is to concentrate on the loving and leave the hate behind. The issue with your vehicle may be a somewhat straightforward repair. GMC is aware of a corrosion...
Check Engine light repeatedly lights up no matter what
Answered by Jay
There is an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) campaign 14515b that is calling for the chassis control module. The module has a problem that it has corrosion internally causing random check engine lights and possible engine stall or fail to start....
If the air is too cold, motor knocks on startup
Answered by Derek
As strange as it may sound, the oil filter that was used during one of your oil changes may be the root cause. GMC Technical Service Bulletin (TSB) 10-06-01-003C has detailed technical information showing that some non ACDelco oil filters...

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