What is the Oil Filter Housing all about?

Oil filter housing allows engine oil to flow through the oil filter efficiently and ultimately reach vital engine parts.

Keep in mind:

  • Oil filter houses are in nearly every engine and they’re responsible for securing the oil filter in place.
  • Oil filter houses are responsible for keeping clean oil circulating around the engine.
  • They’re affected by the oil that runs through them, so if you allow your oil to stay dirty for a long time it can contaminate oil filter houses.

How it's done:

  • Release fuel system pressure
  • Drain the cooling system
  • Remove the lower intake manifold
  • Disconnect the oil temperature sensor and oil pressure sensor electrical connectors
  • Remove five bolts and lift the oil filter housing
  • Install the coolant hose to the filter housing
  • Tighten the housing bolts and connect the oil pressure sensor electrical connector
  • Connect the oil temperature sensor electrical connector
  • Install the lower intake manifold
  • Fill the cooling system

Our recommendation:

Avoid using a spin-on oil filter because it can lead to a lot of parts that will require recycling. With materials like metal and specialized silicone rubber, which are impervious to the elements, it would take decades for it to break down if it was thrown into a landfill.

What common symptoms indicate you may need to replace the Oil Filter Housing?

  • Oil change light is on
  • Dripping oil from under the car
  • Low oil pressure

How important is this service?

The oil filter housing is an important service to ensure your vehicle’s engine is lubricated and that oil is reaching all parts of your engine to avoid friction and part damages.

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What kind of sealant if any do i need for the oil filter adapter gasket

I would not recommend using any sealer other than Ultra Grey by Permatex. When you remove the housing if you have a paper type gasket use the sealer, but if the gasket is a rubber o-ring then do not use...

Hey, I have a QX70 2015 3.7 6cyl .. so when you changed my oil i used the filter type 15208-31u00 which is slightly longer that the OEM

There are some advantages and disadvantages to this. The advantage to this is obviously more oil flow and circulation. The disadvantage could mean oil pressure fluctuations as the size of the oil filter is determined by the volume of oil...

Are these oil leak problems related?

If the oil filter housing is integral to the oil cooler, or the housing had to be removed to service the cooler, a professional mechanic with knowledge of the limited service life of rubber seals would have absolutely (guaranteed) replaced...

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