How to Get Porsche Dealership Certified

If you’re interested in securing an automotive technician job, it’s important that you understand what your resume should look like. Perhaps the most important feature you should include – other than experience – is proof that you have been through a program and received certification to work on certain types of vehicles. One car manufacturer that you’ll probably never have to worry about falling out of public favor is Porsche. Therefore, many high-paying automotive technician jobs are posted specifically for someone who knows how these vehicles work. If you’d like to improve your prospects and ensure a better auto mechanic salary, read the following to learn how to get your Porsche dealership certification.

Porsche dealership certification is ultra-exclusive

Porsche has been around since its founding in 1932 when Ferdinand Porsche began making cars in Stuttgart, Germany. Today, Porsche is the world’s largest manufacturer of race cars, so it should come as no surprise that the performance of these vehicles is some of the best your typical consumer can find.

This also helps to explain the price tag for these vehicles and why, even though over 36,000 are sold every year, Porsche owners are seen as belonging to a very exclusive group. As a result, mechanics who are Porsche dealership certified are also seen as belonging to an extremely elite class of this profession. You have probably heard that auto mechanic jobs focused on fixing Porsches come with above-average annual salaries too.

However, the other side of this coin is that it’s not going to be easy to get certified by Porsche. This generally isn’t something that’s going to be an option for anyone who hasn’t already been through some type of auto mechanic training along with years of experience working in a shop.

The Porsche Technology Apprenticeship Program

Furthermore, although having experience as a mechanic will help, it’s important to remember that Porsche didn’t make it to the top of the automotive world by manufacturing vehicles the same way everyone else did. So although having experience working on cars is important, if you really want the best possible shot at landing technician jobs with an emphasis on Porsches, you’ll want to get into the PTAP (Porsche Technology Apprenticeship Program).

Like a lot of automobile manufacturers from all over the world, Porsche has teamed up with the Universal Technical Institute (UTI) to create a training program focused on teaching mechanics how to service their specific vehicles.

This is only for serious candidates. If you qualify for PTAP training, you’ll be one of only 12 students who get accepted into a class for the entire year. That should tell you how seriously Porsche takes their dealership-certified programs. In fact, they’ll actually pay for your training because they really want to know their customers can find mechanics who truly know what they’re doing.

Enrollees must travel to Easton, Pennsylvania or Atlanta, Georgia to learn at one of the company’s two PCNA (Porsche Cars North America) training centers. As we mentioned, there will only be 12 of you in a class with just a single instructor, which is one of the best ratios you’ll find in the industry.

During your training, you’ll receive hands-on experience with all of Porsche’s most popular models. This includes:

  • Boxster
  • 911
  • Cayman
  • Panamera
  • Cayenne

Trainees are instructed in contemporary, late and vintage model Porsches. Being able to understand how these various models work and diagnosing their problems is a requirement for graduation.

Upon completion of the course, you’ll walk away with as many as 96 credentials for working on Porsche vehicles.

The partnership program

Yet another great benefit about the PTAP Training program is that you’re basically guaranteed a job once you graduate. Part of this is simply because of how many people own a Porsche (or more than one) and demand excellent service to keep them running smoothly.

However, Porsche also partners with dealerships that sell their vehicles. The dealership supplements your costs and, in return, they get the services of a mechanic with your unique and in-demand skill set. It’s a win/win.

If you’re tired of auto technician jobs that may not pay that well, consider becoming Porsche dealership certified. These vehicles are hugely popular all over the world and technicians who understand how they work can expect to earn very respectable salaries and look forward to a kind of job security that is often rare in this industry.

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