How to Become a Certified Mobile Vehicle Inspector (State Car Inspector Certified) in Wyoming

Wyoming is one of the many states with no official requirement for vehicle inspections on a regular basis. They also don't have emissions testing on motor vehicles either. Interestingly enough, this has prompted some organizations, like the Automotive Service Association to lobby states to restore inspection programs as a way of supporting independent auto repair shops. This makes it sound as if there is not a lot of work for someone with an automotive technician job. However, that is not the case.

Just consider that car and truck buyers in Wyoming may need the assistance of certified technicians and mechanics who can provide them with a pre-purchase inspection. Without the benefit of a formal annual or bi-annual inspection, a buyer or seller may not realize that a major flaw exists in the vehicle. A trained and skilled mechanic, though, will spot these problems.

Getting training to work as a certified mobile vehicle inspector

It could be said that auto mechanic school is the ideal way to train for a career as an inspector, but if we look at the most common skill sets required by states with formal inspection programs, we see it is not as simple or basic as it might seem.

For example, states will typically require their certified inspectors to have high school degrees or GEDs. They will also demand entry-level skills which usually translates to one year of hands-on experience in a licensed garage. Inspectors also have to take and pass state courses and exams before they can begin performing inspections, and some may even have to do a few dozen supervised inspections.

This means one thing - training and education are essential. However, memorizing state inspection standards cannot help you to become a mobile vehicle inspector in states without inspection requirements. Instead, you will need to be well-trained as a mechanic. If you are interested in an auto mechanic career, you will want to pursue this level of training It is available through vocational, technical and community colleges with automotive technical services programs and certificate options. While some are short and offer only one type of certification, you can also do a two-year associate's degree as well.

A program like the one from UTI Universal Technical Institute offers up an opportunity to become skilled in repairing and servicing domestic and foreign vehicles of all kinds, and it counts as one year of the two years mandatory for full certification as a Master Mechanic. This is the level of skill you would need to deliver an authoritative inspection to a buyer or seller of a used car or truck.

You might also consider Automotive Service Excellence certification. These are tests that allow you to focus on specific areas, and eventually earn your rank as a Master Mechanic. There are nine for light cars and trucks, and over 40 tests in general.

Whether you are just exploring options in auto mechanic training, or you already have some certifications and experience, consider becoming a certified mobile vehicle inspector. You can help people discover whether a car or truck is in good condition, identify any vehicle safety and emissions issues and help everyone avoid a lemon.

If you’re already a certified mechanic and you’re interested in working with YourMechanic, submit an online application for an opportunity to become a mobile mechanic.

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