5 Best Gas Apps to Save You Money

You pump your car full of gasoline to make it move. The fuel gets converted into motion through the process of internal combustion. Depending on how far and often you drive, gas can wind up the most expensive cost of owning a car — or at least the most-frequent payment you make. Long commutes or jobs that require driving seem to suck up gasoline faster than you can open your wallet. The expense starts to add up, especially on top of other car payments.

With gas prices ever-increasing, you often end up going out of your way for the cheapest gas station you know. A low fuel tank eventually signals a warning light on your car’s dashboard, sending you scrambling to find the nearest gas stop regardless of cost. Save yourself time searching and money by downloading one of the 5 best gas apps to your smartphone.

These gas apps were selected based on price, amenities, and user-friendliness. They’re all available for downloading on Android and iOS devices, and anyone of them can get you the fuel you need in the most convenient way possible.

1. GasBuddy: Free

GasBuddy maps nearby gas stations based on your preferences. Gathering its data by crowdsourcing, GasBuddy incentivizes its users to post the prices at the pump to earn points they can enter into a daily drawing for a $100 gas card.

Users can link their checking account to the app’s secure database and receive a card in the mail they can use to pay and save on gas at thousands of gas stations in the United States. Members receive 10 cents-per-gallon off their first fuel-up and save 5 cents-per-gallon on every gas purchase afterward.

2. GasGuru: Free

Owned by Yellowpages, GasGuru ensures it displays the most up-to-date prices by drawing its information from the Oil Price Information Service. GasGuru features an intuitive interface that lets users search based on price, location, and fuel grade.

GasGuru stands out by giving its downloaders all the information they could need: directions, maps, prices of all gas grades, addresses, conveniences available at each station, and latest price updates.

3. Waze

Famous for providing real-time traffic information, Waze also works as a great app for finding cheap gas. Like others in this category, it will direct you to the nearest or cheapest gas station, and also lets you know how much you’ll pay for gas as you drive.

Waze even has partner gas stations that offer “Waze-only” deals to users. Waze saves you money on gas by way of information and redirection. It is available in al 50 states and includes many features designed to help you move around traffic, carpool, and save on gas.

4. GetUpside: Free

In 2016, two former Google engineers founded GetUpside in Washington DC, and it’s quickly spread along the east coast from New York to Florida, as well as into Texas, with other states on the way. More than 5,000 participating gas stations provide daily, cash-back offers through the app that save users up to 25 cents-per-gallon every fill-up.

Users pay with their regular debit or credit card, take a picture of their receipt, and within 24 hours receive money back through Paypal, check or gift cards.

5. Booster: Free (limited availability)

Similar to YourMechanic’s own model of service, Booster brings the gas to the car. It is the #1 same-day fuel delivery service. An app-based service, Booster is offered as a company perk in their parking lots and office parks, as well as on university campuses, retail shopping centers, and commercial fleets.

Booster operates Monday through Friday and pumps high-quality gas into your vehicle while you’re at work, aiming to save you time and money at the pump by meeting most brick-and-mortar gas station prices while not charging any subscription or delivery fees.

Booster is currently available in the in more than 20 cities within the Bay Area, Orange County, and Dallas/Fort Worth regions. If your company does not already have Booster, you can request the service here and join the hundreds of businesses, including many of the Fortune 100, that already use Booster.

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