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The world is evolving rapidly, and technology is at the front and center. And while technology may provide a lot of fun, its greatest offering – by far – is convenience. Smart phones, tablets, and computers are now our own personal hubs that allow us time-, hassle-, and money-saving alternatives to what were routine tasks as recently as a few years ago. Now, instead of stepping outside to hail a taxi, or pushing a cart through the aisles of a grocery store, we can perform those tasks from our couch, phone, tablet, or computer.

The purpose of technology shouldn’t be to make the conveniences that we already have more convenient. Instead, the purpose should be to bring convenience to the tasks that are notably inconvenient. That’s why we started YourMechanic, a mobile mechanic service that can be booked directly from your phone, that shows up in your driveway, and that still manages to cost you significantly less than a dealership or an independent auto shop; in a word, a mechanic service that is convenient.

The traditional mode of automotive repair is steeped in inconvenience. You start by getting your car to the auto shop, which usually requires spending money on a third party towing company, or nervously creeping along in the slow lane with one eye stuck on the Check Engine Light. Once you get to the shop you look around and see dozens of other vehicles, and have no clue when someone might actually get to yours (and good luck getting a straight answer or an accurate estimate). Once the car is finally fixed, you receive a shockingly high bill, the result of managers taking big cuts, the overhead of keeping a shop up and running, and the expense of maintaining a stocked warehouse.

Image: New York Times

In an article that highlights YourMechanic, The New York Times noted that this inconvenience is frustrating for consumers, but that it’s an accepted downside of owning a vehicle. It used to be that there weren’t any alternatives to the traditional method of car repair, so people didn’t have a choice; now, there is an alternative, and car owners are taking notice.

Convenient repairs are just a click away

As The New York Times notes, YourMechanic has an answer for every criticism of the old automotive repair method. Frustrating customer service is replaced by a modern, intuitive app. An accurate estimate is provided before any inspection is scheduled, requiring only the vehicle information to be entered into the app. A mechanic comes directly to the customer’s home or office, repairs the vehicle on-site, and charges a rate that is up to 50% less than that of a dealership, and 25% less than that of an independent auto shop.

And it’s all just a click or a screen tap away. No phone calls, lines, answering machines, or tow trucks required. That’s the definition of convenience.

New age, but with old school customer service

There’s a common misconception that technology takes us away from authentic human interaction. In reality, it often serves to make that interaction more meaningful and genuine. When you take your car to a dealership or an auto shop, you’ll be greeted by one person, be checked in by someone else, and see a dozen other workers pass you by. You may never meet the person who actually works on your car, and you have no idea if they’re on the same page as the person who gave you an estimate. The auto shop may have good reviews, but you know nothing of the individual mechanic who will ultimately be working on your car.

At YourMechanic we offer not only the convenience of a modern, digital experience, but also the authentic interactions that give you peace of mind as a customer. You’ll have the comfort of knowing that your mechanic is highly rated, thanks to our transparent rating system, and the fact that we only continue to employ mechanics if their ratings are excellent. You’ll only meet one person, which means you’ll have all your questions answered by the mechanic who’s actually doing the work. You’ll get to shake a person’s hand, talk to them about your vehicle, and make sure you’re completely comfortable with what the inspection and repair will entail before any work is done. In our book, that’s a much more personable interaction than the traditional method offers.

As The New York Times playfully notes, the one caveat with YourMechanic is that you can rate us, and we can rate you. But we like it that way: we’re fairly certain you’ll love our mechanics and our prices, and dig the convenience of booking a repair straight from your phone. And we bet that you’ll get a pretty good rating from us as well.

Read the full article at The New York Times.

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