Q: Yielding right of way when obstructed

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At a crossroad with two stop signs and an uncontrolled two directional street, vehicle A has stopped at one of the stop signs. Vehicle A desires to turn left onto the uncontrolled street. Vehicle B approaches the intersection from the uncontrolled street and desires to turn left onto the controlled street. Vehicle B cannot turn left because oncoming traffic is where it wants to be. The oncoming traffic is forced to make a turn so it does not impede vehicle A. Since vehicle B cannot enter the intersection and cannot turn even though it is at an uncontrolled street, does it yield right of way to vehicle A, who could safely make the left turn but who is stopped at a stop sign? Or is vehicle A forced to remain stopped even though vehicle B can't move?

My apologies but this scenario would be much easier to understand if you were to indicate the direction of travel for each vehicle such as N, S, W, or E. Also, the outcome of this scenario is likely to be different depending on the state or town you live in. I would recommend calling your non-emergency police number, doing some online research, or even visiting city hall to find answers to questions about the law in your municipality.

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