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Q: Worth saving

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I have a dump truck I need to know if it's worth saving. The dump bed has a lot of rust can it be welded? Also the right rear dual is leaking after changing the rotors, abs system is leaking, the gas and speed gauges are not working, the wiring needs checked works sometimes and sometimes it doesn't and needs a new front bumper

My car has 170000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Most rust can be repaired by cutting out the old rust, sanding down the adjacent material, and welding in a new piece of metal. A front bumper can likely be found a local junk yard and installed fairly easily. As for the speedometer, there is a speed sensor in the back of the transmisison that may have failed causing the speedometer to lose signal. I would recommend having the speed sensor tested first to determine if it is functional. The fuel level sending unit could be the reason for the fuel gauge not to work so I would recommend having that tested and replaced as necessary. If you are leaking brake fluid from the ABS unit, I would recommend having this issue resolve as soon as possible as this can cause safety issues. Brake fliud leaks will eventually cause the pedal to go to the floor. This can result in an automobile accident. I would consider the brake fliud leak the top priority if the truck were to be kept.

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