Q: Will not start 1970 Buick

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Car will not turn over (will not even make clicking sounds during ignition) after driving and being left overnight. A drain in the wiring has been ruled out by two garages. New batteries have been put in along with new fuel pump, voltage regulator, ignition coil, spark plugs, wire set, distributor. When at garages, the car will start; and can be left overnight and start the next day (tested up to three days later). However, once i drive it home, a 15-30 minute drive, i can not start it the next day. The car is left in park and the ignition has been left in the correct off position. Prior to this problem, the car sat in my garage for three years without being started. Ten months ago i had it towed to be gone through to bring it back to running order, multiple fixes were made and i only listed those things that appear to be pertinent. Prior to its lengthy vacation in my garage i had driven this car regularly since 1992.

My car has 50000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hi there - the good news with classic cars like yours, is that the electrical systems are pretty simple for diagnostic purposes. I note that you didn’t list a new ignition switch as one of the replaced components. A failing ignition switch would not pass any/enough current to trigger the starter, hence the lack of even clicking sounds when you go to start the engine. I would recommend an engine starter system inspection by a mobile, professional mechanic, such as one from YourMechanic, who will come to your location, diagnose this problem, give you an accurate assessment of damage and cost estimate for repairs. This procedure will follow the electrical power path from the battery, to the ignition switch, to the starter solenoid....to find where the failure exists.

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