Q: Went through a puddle and my car won't start

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After I hit the puddle the throttle only went to half way point before trying to die so I tried making it home but it died before I got there. I've replaced the distributor cap & rotor , starter , ignition control module , and the ignition switch. It turns over really hard but wont start , at the end of turning over (when I let go of the key) is when I kicks the hardest and tried to start. So do I not have enough spark or fuel maybe? I am at a stand still with this , nobody has correct answers for me. Just want my car back.

My car has 211000 miles.
My car has a manual transmission.

Most of the time when people describe shutting off after driving through a puddle, drying out the ignition system is enough to get it going again. But if that were the case here, with the pieces that you have already replaced you should have already solved the problem. It makes me want to ask just how deep was the puddle that you drove through. If the puddle was so deep that the exhaust pipe was under water, you may have drawn water into the engine and that can do all kinds of damage. Without seeing the car, I can’t really steer you any further. A proper step by step diagnosis is the way to go. Otherwise you may just keep replacing expensive parts that you might not need. I recommend that you contact Your Mechanic to have a technician come to your home and check to find out why your car will not start.

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