Q: Weird noise coming from middle of radiator on Dodge Ram

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As soon as truck is turned on, doesn't matter the weather or time of day, a some what high pitch sound comes from the middle area of the radiator. The sound is hard to describe it's not a super high pitch sound but loud enough to know it's there. It sounds like a constant "eeeeeeeee" we just flushed the coolant and added new one and there is no leak what so ever. We did how ever notice the sound came on 2 days after we flushed it and added new coolant. We got it professionally done and the correct fluid was used. Any help on what that irritating sound may be?

My car has 133450 miles.
My car has a manual transmission.

Hello, thank you for writing in. The noise may be something related to the fluid pressure inside the radiator, which is regulated by the radiator cap. You can easily have your cap pressure tested. Secondly, your cooling fans are located right next to the radiator and are prone to making noises when they have failed. They typically only run when they are triggered by the engine coolant temperature sensor, but if they are running non-stop it may have led to the noise you are hearing now. The system is pressurized, and you may have coolant or hot air escaping the system somewhere. Start by testing the cap, and observing the cooling fans. For more help locating and resolving the noise, contact our service department to schedule an appointment.

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