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Q: Vibrating Car

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When I am stopped at a light, and the car is in drive, the car seems to vibrate. I feel it a lot in the seats. However, once I start driving the vibration goes away. Also, when the car is in neutral or park, there is no vibration.

What could be causing this vibration? What needs to be fixed to resolve this problem? What is the cost of that fix?

My car has 105000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

With no mention of a check engine light or performance issues, your problem is most likely in the powertrain itself. Most likely the engine/transmission mounts are the culprit. The job of these mounts is not only to hold the engine and transmission in place, but to isolate the interior of the vehicle from noise and vibration. When the mounts weaken or break with age, the powertrain can move around excessively when accelerating or slowing down, as well as transmit a lot of vibration and noise throughout the vehicle. It may not be a consistent vibration or noise. For example, it can shake more in one gear or speed than it does in other gears or speeds. To be sure, a certified technician should look into the vibration to isolate the cause and give you a correct repair cost.

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