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Hi there, I'm looking to buy this very well-kept 2001 dodge ram 1500. Automatic. It has been cared for meticulously and has low mileage for the year at 85K. The truck has been very reliable--the owner mentioned that the only odd thing is that when you first start it up--if you go directly into reverse, it will vibrate or "hum" as it moves backwards. Once you go forward a few feet the vibrating goes away and doesn't come back even when in reverse again. This only happens when you first start up, and only if you go into reverse directly. The owner said that the transmission was replaced early on at 30K. Any ideas on this? I'm going to bring it to a shop before buying it, but I'd like you're two cents worth.. Thanks

My car has 85000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hi there. Without inspecting the vehicle personally, we could only guess at what might be causing this type of vibration or noise. In some cases, the vibration is caused by the rear gear or driveshaft as the vehicle is put into reverse. It could also be an input shaft or play in the yoke that could cause this type of issue. As you indicated, it would be a good idea to have a professional mechanic inspect the vehicle before you purchase; even if it has been perfectly maintained.

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