Q: Vauxhall Astra CDTi 55 plate after driving the car for a while it will stop while i'm driving or not start up again after parking

asked by on March 10, 2016

I have a Vauxhall Astra CDTi, Life, 1.6 55 plate and after driving the car for a while it will stop while i'm driving or not start up again after parking. It has no problem starting up in the morning but after its stopped during the day I have to wait anywhere from half an hour to 3 hours for it to start again. It is not a battery issue because light, radio etc still work. My mechanic cant seem to find out what the problem is and has serviced the car, changed air filter and fuel pump too. When trying to start the car up it wont turn over but will click and if it does start up it will fail instantly. I have also been to see an electrician and he couldn't find any error codes on the car. It is also my first car which is annoying too because I have just got my license and can't even drive.

My car has 120000 miles.
My car has a manual transmission.

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There are many variables that come into play in a no-start situation, especially an intermittent one. Since you have already had some work done, we can rule those out. Since you are having to drive before the issue happens, I would suspect a module of some sort.

Modules are another term for computer. Much like your home computer, car computers don’t like heat, so once they become too hot, it stops working. Since your vehicle’s fuel and ignition systems are controlled by a module, it makes sense that it would turn off when the module overheats. Waiting a while allows it to cool off and work again.

If you need further assistance with your problem, I recommend having a certified mechanic from YourMechanic, come to your home or office to diagnose your car’s starting issue. From there, they will be able to make any of the needed repairs that your car needs.

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