Q: Using conventional 80W90 gear oil instead of FS 75W90 can be a problem ?

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I have a VW/Skoda make Rapid 1.6L MT sedan 2013 model which just completed 42000kms. While general servicing, I've filled Shell Spirax 80W90 GL4 gear oil, and I think it was a conventional one instead of being FS what I was searching for. After the service, I feel a loss of power and slipping and an intermittent power loss while shifting gears and RPM shooting high, but the engine power not getting transferred into the wheels. Can the transmission oil be the culprit. What best I'm getting here available in my budget is ZIC G-FF 75W-85 API GL-4 FS GEAR OIL. Should I change it to this one ? Will this probably going to solve the slippage ?

Please let me know about your views and the probable cause of this issue. Although this ZIC 75W85 GL4 FS oil doesn't match the grade because I should go for a 75W90, but this is what best I can get here. Will this probably make a change and should I go for a refill ?

The gear oil you put in the transmission will not cause the transmission to slip or cause loss of power due to clutch slippage. You should only use the recommended oils in the transmission or it may damage bearings and cause hard shifting. Replace the gear oil as soon as possible to prevent internal transmission damage. You may also have a clutch slipping and need to have clutch replaced.

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