Q: Throttle Issues after cleaning it

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Hi, I am currently driving a Lincoln Town Car with the 4.6L V8. My battery terminal was loose somehow so the battery got disconnected. upon hooking it back up I noticed my car idling very rough. Bouncing at idle. I dismantled the throttle body and stepper motor to clean it up suspecting a dirty throttle body. Which cleaning it I had also opened and inspected the stepper motor. After hooking everything up the car wont accelerate. When the car is (not Running) but in the on position the throttle flap is opening and closing, however once the car is running there is no response from the throttle. The car has since not been drivable as the accelerator has no response when the engine is on. I am not sure what could be wrong. The car drove and accelerated fine before I opened it. I also checked all of the fuses.

Please help Me Out If Possible.

My car has an automatic transmission.

The throttle body is not designed to be taken apart to be cleaned and you may have got cleaner into the sensors and actuator motor causing a short in the throttle body electrical parts. You need to have the computer scanned to see if failure codes for the throttle body are stored. You may have to replace the throttle body assembly. The process of cleaning should be to put cleaning fluid on a clean rag and wipe the throttle plate and throttle body out.

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