Q: Suggestions to buy an used car.

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I am looking to buy an used car and I am inable to decide between a 2015 VW GTI S DSG(<13k miles) / 2014 Mazda 6 touring (48k miles) / 2015 VW GTI Autobahn (32k miles). I am a fan of german cars and need something sporty and fun to drive but I am also concerned about the maintenance and stuff when it comes to choosing a german car. I need your valuable suggestions in making an informed decision.

Please feel free to suggest anyother alternatives that you could think of. Preferably an automatic & FWD. Other suggestions(RWD,manual) if worth trying are welcome too. Much appreciate your time!

Best, Dhanya

If it’s economy of service you want, you can’t beat the Japanese. The Mazda is a very reliable car and will usually cost less to service than the VW. Most of the time, the Mazda will go over a hundred thousand miles without anything breaking, but in my experience, the Volkswagen usually needs something expensive replaced (often the throttle body) before it reaches the century mark. The GTI however is more fun to drive. It just depends on what’s more important to you. Whatever you choose, it would be wise to get a Pre-Purchase inspection. from Your Mechanic before you buy. You can have a technician come to the seller’s location or to your home at your convenience to check the car out before you buy.

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