Ok, this is a little long but I'd love to hear your guys ...

Ok, this is a little long but I'd love to hear your guys thoughts. I bought a 2014 Impreza AWD 135k miles with the automatic CVT transmission two days ago to flip ($1000) worth (~$7500). The guy got the car from a dealer auction, ...

Ok, this is a little long but I'd love to hear your guys thoughts. I bought a 2014 Impreza AWD 135k miles with the automatic CVT transmission two days ago to flip ($1000) worth (~$7500). The guy got the car from a dealer auction, said it needed a transmission, and didn't want to put the time into it. I'm a car flipper hobbyist so I was looking for something to occupy my time. The car starts and the engine is great, no lights on the dash. The underlying problem is when I shift the car into a gear, THE CAR DOES NOT MOVE. It shifts fine, but the second I rev the engine to try to move the wheels, the dashboard lights up like everyone else here. Turn it off and on again, it goes back to being fine. OBD Scanner says p0700, p2750, and p2746. 1st code is a general transmission problem code, the other two are the primary and secondary speed sensors on the transmission. My initial plan was to get a trans from a junkyard ($450 used) ((car-parts.com) and throw it in, thinking that might cover all of my bases. So I started to drain the fluid to find out it looks dark brown or nearly black. (Youtube shows this might be common) I understand ALOT of people fix this with a valve body ($350-$450 used) or brake light switch (my lights all work and it shifts into gear fine) but after reading this, I might get lucky switching the speed sensors (2x $88). I refilled the transmission with CVT Fluid from the dealership ($75) so I can do an official diagnostic with a multimeter to check harnesses and the TCM (everything checks out). Unfortunately I need to at least lower the transmission a bit so I can take off the primary speed sensor, but if this doesn't work I'll get a transmission from a junkyard and swap it. Either way idk If I can lose on this flip. I'm hoping someone might respond by tomorrow to let me know if both speed sensors being bad would stop my car from moving.The next step in the diagnosis is to replace the speed sensors, but the codes were p0700, p2750, and p2746. I feel like it's weird for both sensors to go bad at the same time. But if they did, would this prevent my car from moving while in gear?

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Replacing the speed sensors will not do you any good. The problem is in the variators inside the transmission. One of them has come apart and the belt can not be held correctly by both of them to make them spin. This is why the speed sensor codes are showing up. The computer is seeing that the two sensors are not reading the way they should. And no a valve body will not help this problem either.

you suggest the entire transmission swap? How confident do you feel about it? I watched the youtube video about the insides of a CVT trans and I believe I understand what you are saying is messed up.
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I am 100% sure. I rebuild these units all the time. and by what you have said it is very safe to say this is what is wrong with your unit.

Oh my goodness you are a life saver! I had a guy helping in the beginning but he only sent me a DTC diag sheet that I had already found online.. I bought this car to increase my understanding of transmissions (never worked on them before) but this one was a weird one. I'm going to get started on dropping this transmission then... Should I part out this trans or is it junk now?
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The dark fluid is the key with this one. Most people will not pay the higher price for cvt fluid and try to use regular dextron trans fluid in this unit. This is a very big no no, but you cannot tell some people that there is a difference in the two fluids. dectron is way to thin and holds to much air in it to work in a cvt transmission. The gaps in this unit are much larger around the sealing ring surfaces. Dextron fluids will flow right through these gaps because it is so thin. It also will bypass the pump pressure regulator. This will cause low fluid pressures and let the belt go slack. This causes the belt to slip, and when it does get a good bit, it jerks the vareators with to much force busting the housings. There may be a few pieces that are reusable, but not knowing what to look for, you are better off junking it. You do not want to [sell](/topics-sell/) a part to someone and it not be good and them get mad at you for wasting there time and money.

I really really appreciate the explanation on the fluid, that makes so much sense. I might ask a couple of questions about disassembly if you are able to help with that, but don't stress about answering quickly I might stay up a bit longer to get started
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Thais fine, but you will need to open a new question for that. Just make sure to request me to be the one to help you so you do not get stuck with another expert.

Ok no problem!
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Thank you.

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