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Q: Slow crank

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Ok I have. 95 maxima that was sitting for 2 years. It ran fine when parked just had bad ignition switch cause the key you would have to jiggle to get it to crank over. So I bought a new ignition switch an it could crank fine. Still wouldn't start tho so checked fuel and pump was bad so got new fuel pump,starter,ignition coils, and all 6 new injectors. I put everything in and had everything back and went to start it and it's a slow crank. I have to crank on it for about 20 seconds for it to even try and start but it still won't. What could it be plz need help.

My car has 220062 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

If the vehicle has not run in two years, precautions need to be taken to start it after all that time. You replaced the fuel pump and injectors I see. Did you drain the gasoline from the entire fuel system and fill with fresh gas ? If not, that may very well be the reason. Gasoline looses it’s efficiency as a fuel the longer it sits. As it sits, it creates a varnish and gummy-type compound. These can clog injectors and if the engine does fire, it may not run very well or very long. If the gas was not replaced, you should drain as much as you can. Change the fuel filter if you haven’t done so. Once you refill with fresh gas, disconnect power to the ignition system either by removing the fuse or disconnecting the ignition coil. Then crack the fuel line loose at the fuel rail. Turn the key to the ON position so the fuel pump powers up. Do this a few times until the gas coming out of the fuel line gets cleaner.If the gas is in very poor condition, you may need to remove the injectors again to clean them. MAKE SURE you have the ignition disconnected and had a container to catch the gasoline. Doing this with the car outdoors and having a fire extinguisher handy just in case is a good idea.

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