Q: Shifter moves but gear won't engage

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My truck had the 6 speed transmission, the shifter is on the center counsel. It ran fine yesterday. Shifted good went into gears just fine. Drove roughly 130 miles. Today I get in it and the shifter moves but won't engage a gear. It threw 2 codes P0868 P0841. I tried calling the dodge dealer but they are closed today. Checked the fluid and it was an inch above the hot line. The truck was cold and wasn't started at the time. I know you need to have it started to check but it was late at night and it's not the quietest. Any ideas on what it could be? I ordered a transmission oil change kit. New filters and gasket.

My car has 87000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

It sounds like you may be having an issue with your shift linkage. This will either be a cable driven linkage or an electronic linkage. The cable driven style can often break causing no mechanical connection between the shifter and the transmission. The electric linkage often uses sensors to control the linkage and if any of these sensors have failed it can cause the transmission to go into fail safe mode. If the shift linkage is electronic, I would recommend having this issue diagnosed at your local Dodge Dealership.

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