Q: security system is disabling fuel, runs rough, sputters, kills, and hard to start.

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When I turn the key on the security system relay clicks and fights with the fuel management relay for a long while. once they stop clicking, normally i can crank it over and it will start right up. But if I try to spin it over while it is still clicking it wont fire at all. Once it starts, it normally with run and drive for about a week, then every time I try to start it , it gets worse and harder to start. Also, the distance I can drive gets shorter and shorter as I use it through the week because it starts to sputter, spit, cough, and run rough as i'm driving, eventually killing. then after it does that, it is almost impossible to get started right that moment, you have to wait at least 20-30 mins sometimes before you can get it to get the relays to click again. once they stop, it will start again, but really poorly, running rougher than ever, just to limp it home. I've tried grounding the security system door wire to no avail. can i just disable the whole alarm? thoughts?
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hi there. If your vehicle has a aftermarket car alarm, you can always remove it from the vehicle. If the alarm is factory, then you will not be able to remove it, but you can repair it. It seems as if the immobilizer is malfunctioning and needs replaced. If you need further assistance with your car not starting, then seek out a professional, such as one from Your Mechanic, to help you.

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