Q: Rebuilt engine, oil light on, stalling, traction control

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Just had my engine replaced not even two weeks ago, now there is a small valve tap which does not affect the engines performance, goes away after being started for a while. Just two days ago was driving and the truck stalled after the traction control light came on. Let it sit for a day. Started right back up drove 10 miles then the oil light came on, traction control light and it hestates when you start it and will not drive. Let it sit fora few minutes and it started but stalled about 10 seconds later with the same lights (traction control light and oil light) There is oilin the engine. Had hooked up to a code reader. Wheel speed sensor is the only code showing. Clueless as to what it could be. Please help.

My car has 126000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

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