Q: Problem with cabin vents in Nissan Qashqai 2013 1.5Dci (Dual climate control)

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I have a strange problem with the air vents when in heating. Although it is a dual climate control, 99% of the time, the temperature is set as a common setting between both the driver's and passenger's side. The problem is that when setting it on a heating temperature, as the engine warms up, the 2 vents on the driver's side start slowly blowing out warm air as should happen. But the 2 vents on the passenger side, keep blowing in cold air. This is quite strange, should they not be all connected to the same thing? If the A/C is switched on (but temp set high enough for heating and the A/C just used for dehumidifying) same thing happens. 2 driver side vents blow warm air, 2 passenger vents blow cold (brrr) air. as I mentioned, both temperatures are set to the same setting, so they should be equal in blowing out air. On the flip side. If its summer and the the A/C is switched on - all vents blow cold air (as they should). So the problem is only on heating.

My car has 19000 miles.
My car has a manual transmission.

Hello. Thank you for writing in. The climate control utilizes a duct system and blend doors to control the temperature of air entering the cabin. If these blend doors are not mixing the correct air supply than the air entering the cabin will not match what you have commanded it to be. These can usually be tested electronically with a voltmeter or possibly even with the scan tool depending on how your system is sensored. If not the door themselves, it may be al electrical or switch issue. Either way more diagnostic testing is needed. For help replacing the blend doors, or further diagnostics, contact our service department.

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