Q: Power door not working.do I need to pay separately for inspection and repair?

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Car power door is not working on 2 doors. Can I book repair appointment directly?

Why do I have to pay for inspection separately?

My car has 80000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Repair or replacement of any component on your vehicle can be requested directly, thus bypassing any and all diagnostic work and eliminating that component of the cost for you. Indeed, you can even supply your own parts if you desire, eliminating the cost of parts on your bill as well. So, for example, if you want brake rotors and pads installed, you can request those repairs and there is no need for the mechanic to spend time measuring, evaluating, or diagnosing anything and you can even buy the brake rotors from your own desired source, preferably OEM by the way.

With regard to the power door lock system on a vehicle, if you desire a direct repair without any fault being diagnosed, in scheduling the repair you would have to let the mechanic know what is to be repaired. In this case the principal repair options you would be selecting from are the fuse in the door lock circuit (although if blown there is a short somewhere that will have to be identified), the electrical circuit back to the power source, the door lock switch, the door lock actuator or other electrical or mechanical component as such may exist in your particular door lock design. If you identify the component, YourMechanic will ONLY charge for the cost of the component and a fixed cost (based on standard, published labor time amounts) for labor (the labor repair cost) to install the component that you desire be installed. There will be NO diagnostic labor charge because you have specified the exact repair you desire based on your own diagnostic work or the diagnostic work of others. Further, to protect you, if the fixed labor time for the repair you specify is, say, 1 hour, if it takes the mechanic 2 hours to actually repair it you only pay for the fixed rate of 1 hour. This arrangement of fixing the cost protects you the customer.

The technology of automobiles is such that no matter how capable and intelligent a mechanic is he or she will literally have no idea WHAT to repair until he or she actually shows up and performs an intelligent and complete diagnostic. No repair can be performed unless someone takes on the responsibility of performing the diagnostic; it is just simply impossible although lots of people try making do without a diagnostic and then end up installing a million new parts, none of which do anything to fix the mechanical or electrical problem they are trying to solve and thus were all unnecessary to buy. If it is not known what is wrong with the door lock system, all certified mechanics dispatched by YourMechanic are well equipped to find out exactly what is wrong and that process of diagnosing the fault is also subject to a fixed, invariable charge whether it takes the mechanic 1 hour to diagnose the problem or frankly 1 year.

Some customers don’t need, and/or do not want a diagnostic, and, as illustrated in the example of brakes, will just request a REPAIR directly. All mechanics, whether mobile or shop based, distinguish between the cost of diagnosing a fault and the actual time or labor cost to repair the fault once it is identified. To well illustrate all of the foregoing please imagine a circumstance where it takes a Mechanic 2 hours to pinpoint an electrical fault in a car’s complex wiring system that is ultimately found as a simple short circuit due to a 3 inch section of frayed wire. Once found, that repair takes 15 minutes due to the inherent ease of just replacing a short segment of wire. Would it make sense to bill this as a 15 minute "repair" job, keeping in mind it took 2 hours to perform all the painstaking, tedious circuit traces to just get to the fault? Your question is a very valid one and I hope my answer is not too long but I want to give you an intelligible, actually usable response. Sometimes a short answer, "raises more questions than it answers". If you schedule the relevant diagnostic, that is the power door lock diagnostic, the responding certified mechanic will get this taken care of for you promptly and professionally and answer, in person, any additional concerns that you might have. In the meantime, if you have further questions or concerns, do not hesitate at all to re-contact YourMechanic as we are always here to help you.

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