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Q: Possible problem with steering rack?

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I am I having to turn my steering wheel a lot more to go round corners. It's as if I have no power steering anymore. I used to drive a mk2 golf so I know what having no power steering feels like, it's not quite as hard to turn the wheel, but I have to turn the wheel a lot more to go the direction I need. At the moment it doesn't feel as though it's pulling to the left or right when driving and the steering wheel returns to the nutral position when I let go of it after turning a corner. I haven't noticed any new clocks or strange noises. I have pumped up my tyres to eliminate a simple problem!

My car has 79000 miles.
My car has a manual transmission.

Hello. I would recommend that you have your power steering and suspension system inspected by technician. It is likely the power steering pump going bad that is making your steering wheel hard to turn, or could be something as simple as low power steering fluid. Although it 79000 miles the power steering system is due for a fluid exchange. During the suspension evaluation a technician will uncover anything that can be tough on your steering system such as a bad tie rod or ball joint. A great way to have your vehicle properly evaluated at a very competitive price is through YourMechanic

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