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Q: Periodically my car not want to start. A Mercedes Benz 350 CLS 2007

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Intervals of 2 to 4 weeks my car do not want to start. It is as if the power is not going through to the starter. The lights do not indicate that the power is dimming them when trying to start. Is there a switch on the gear lever that has to be activated when the car is in park before it will start. Can this switch be loose?

My car has 250000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

There is a sensor for the position of the gear selector, but as with most things on modern cars, it has gotten very complicated. It is part of the shifter module which talks to the Electronic Ignition Switch about your key, and a number of other modules in what is called the Driver Authorization System (DAS). IF everything checks out it allows you to start the car. Each time you turn the key and the car doesn’t start, a code is stored in the DAS describing what happened. A technician with the appropriate scan tool can plug into your car’s diagnostic connector and read the stored codes. A generic scan tool like the ones they sell and use at Auto Zone will not be able to access all of the codes so you need someone with the designated equipment to check this out. Contact Your Mechanic to have a properly equipped technician come to your home or office to inspect your no start issue and let you know what it will take to solve it.

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