Q: Overheating issues, cant find a part

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overheating problem that I am having difficulty resolving. FIrst I had found the vehicle was leaking antifreeze from the thermostat, have replaced and is no longer leaking. Was still overheating however, next found the previous owner had cut the wires to the radiator fans and using speaker wire, wired a switch by the driver's seat to turn the fans on and off. His setup didn't work however as the wire shorted out. Since then I reattached the wires, checked the water pump for any signs of failure and performed a radiator flush, fans were not working after I reattached them with soldering and heat shrink so I tested the ETC sensor and found that had failed also. Now to my dilemma that I cannot find online or any help in town as well. My car is set up with a 3 wired ETC sensor and according to diagrams and the stores is supposed to be two wired. Cannot find any and my dad sent me one that was 3 tried it, now the temp guage doesn't work and fans are running nonstop when car is on.
My car has an automatic transmission.

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