Q: Oil leaked heavily out of my car while driving home while making a revved up noise.

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We have not had this car long so I don't have a lot of history. It has had a burning oil smell and a leak since we've gotten it. It also has a miss that we havent tracked down.On the first rly cold day we've had I started the car cold barely got of of my works parking lot and the car shut off while driving. It ran fine after I restarted it. Later that night leaving work cold it did the same thing but now the engine sounded like the rpms were revved up, but they werent. When I got home and shut the car off I could hear the oil rapidly dripping from some where that didn't seem to me was coming from the oil pan. There was a steady trail down my driveway and up the street. My coworker also mentioned it was doing that when we left. My fiance replaced an o ring and changed the oil. I don't belive any has leaked out since it's been parked. When u start it the engine is still making that higher pitched noise so we have no drove it. Any suggestions would b greatly appreciated. Thank u.

My car has 200000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hi there. Check the engine for any oil leaks that are visible to you. Check the front seal, the oil pan, the oil filter, the oil drain plug (make sure its tight), the valve cover gaskets, the oil cooler lines, the timing cover, and the rear main seal (between the engine and transmission). Most of the time when oil is leaking as much as you described is it could be coming from the oil cooler lines, oil filter, or a leaking drain plug. Check the engine oil to see if there is oil on the dipstick. I recommend not starting the engine if the dipstick does not register any oil. Once the engine is full of oil, start the engine and check for where the leak is coming from. If there is steady drip, then you will be able to see where the oil is coming from. If you need further assistance with locating your oil leak, then seek out a professional, such as one from Your Mechanic, to help you.

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