Q: No one seems to know what to do or want to make the effort to find a solution.

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First, car started to stall out while driving then just died Had alternator and some coil replaced . Car drove fine then started shutting off when stopped for light but start right up. Didn't do when mechanic drove it. Went to someone else who suggested maybe fuel injectors,he played around for 2 wks ,i took the car back and it ran fine for months til water pump went, replaced it, ran fine then power steering pump bracket broke. Couldn't find replacement, they rigged it somehow, had to replace belt and tensioner, drove for about 2 wks then started not wanting to start. Would start one day and not the next, battery tested good then just died completely, will do nothing. Can't find anyone willing to figure it out. Should I just cut my losses and give up?/

My car has 128544 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

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