Q: No one seems to know what to do or want to make the effort to find a solution.

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First, car started to stall out while driving then just died Had alternator and some coil replaced . Car drove fine then started shutting off when stopped for light but start right up. Didn't do when mechanic drove it. Went to someone else who suggested maybe fuel injectors,he played around for 2 wks ,i took the car back and it ran fine for months til water pump went, replaced it, ran fine then power steering pump bracket broke. Couldn't find replacement, they rigged it somehow, had to replace belt and tensioner, drove for about 2 wks then started not wanting to start. Would start one day and not the next, battery tested good then just died completely, will do nothing. Can't find anyone willing to figure it out. Should I just cut my losses and give up?/

My car has 128544 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Well, you’re likely very far from a circumstance where you need to give up and get another car. Old cars do require more maintenance and repairs than new cars so some of the issues you are describing are just part of life. Of course, you could "avoid" repairs and maintenance by buying a new car but then you’ll have a new problem which is usually a huge monthly payment. The fact of the matter is you can buy an awful lot of "repairs" for $1,400, if you spend your money wisely, where $1,400 is merely the value of the sales tax that you will have to pay on a $20,000 new car. Add to that $1,400 the required collision insurance if you finance a car and that 1988 Pontiac Firebird with zero monthly payment, but annoying occasional repairs, starts to look real attractive. Regarding the broken bracket for the power steering pump, check out www.Car-Part.com where you can find any and every used part for cars of any age. You will probably find the bracket there. From your description, it sounds like the car is presently dead. That’s good because that is, by far, the easiest circumstance to diagnose and fix. You would be much worse off if you had an intermittent problem because that is more costly to diagnose. Basically, to get the car running, you need a certified Mechanic to perform a no-start diagnostic. Once the car is starting reliably and the battery and charging system all check out, on a car of your vintage, you just want to be sure the engine is properly tuned and all consumable parts, such as spark plugs and wires and cap and rotor, are within the required service interval. If past due for replacement they should be changed to avoid future headaches. If you desire to schedule the no start diagnostic, simply schedule via YourMechanic’s website.

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