Where is the reset button to set the alarm on on a 2004 N...

Where is the reset button to set the alarm on on a 2004 Nissan Xterra ...

Where is the reset button to set the alarm on on a 2004 Nissan Xterra

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Hello Brian, Nice to meet you! I am sorry to hear about your issue with your Xterra, Is the alarm going off? If so, can you tell me which lights are flashing? 1. Head Lights? or 2. Parking Lights?

Head lights
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Thank you. That is the factory alarm system. There is no reset button, but to turn off the factory alarm, insert the key in the drivers door and lock it and unlock it to turn off your factory alarm.

The alarm system shut down the hole car
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What do you mean it shut down the whole car? Please explain?

It won't do nothing
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Does the Hazard Lights work, Horn and Head Lights?

It will do nothing it won't run or nothing or start
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These 3 things I just mentioned, would work regardless of the alarm. So if you have no electrical power, I would check the battery and main fusible link for your power issue.

The three thing you said do work
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Does the mechanical key lock and unlock the drivers door? Does the key work in the hatch?

We just have a keyit does work when you unlock it
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If you take the mechanical key, and use it by locking and unlocking the Drivers door or using it to open the rear hatch. That turns off the factory alarm. If you still have issues, you may have a Aftermarket alarm installed which would require it to be disabled by locating the alarm control module and unplugging it's main connector.

Where would the main connector be if that's the problem
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You would need to locate the aftermarket alarm control unit. It is normally located under the drivers dash. It looks like this and I put some arrows to where the main connector is located on it. [https://www.dropbox.com/s/acmextw1rl87v6s/After%20market%20Alarm%20control%20unit%20unplugged.jpg?dl=0](https://www.dropbox.com/s/acmextw1rl87v6s/After%20market%20Alarm%20control%20unit%20unplugged.jpg?dl=0)

Thank you
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