My muffler had a loud pop and now it has fallen off from ...

My muffler had a loud pop and now it has fallen off from its connection Mechanic's Assistant: Where exactly do you think the noise is coming from? And how long has this been going on? Noise comes from muffler Mechanic...

My muffler had a loud pop and now it has fallen off from its connection Mechanic's Assistant: Where exactly do you think the noise is coming from? And how long has this been going on? Noise comes from muffler Mechanic's Assistant: What is the make/model/year of your car? 2005 Nissan Titan Mechanic's Assistant: Are you fixing your Titan yourself? What have you tried so far? I’ve replaced plugs, and coils. I think it has something to do with my manifold or catalytic converter Mechanic's Assistant: Anything else you want the Mechanic to know before I connect you? The engine/muffler is LOUD

Automotive Expert
"Hi, I'm Roy. Welcome to JustAnswer. I'm reviewing your question now, and will post back with your reply momentarily." You will see an option to receive a phone call prompted by the website, you can agree to or decline. If you do not wish to use the Phone Service, we can continue chatting this way back and forth until you are satisfied with my help. Who Am I speaking with today ? Hi! Hope I can help sorry to hear about your muffler and getting loud , can you tell me where in the car you hear the noise from the engine area or the rear of your truck . let me know Thank you Roy! we have had a lot of exhaust manifolds crack on the Titan trucks that could be your issue .

Yeah rear of the truck.
Automotive Expert
Okay if in the rear that would be the muffler could have broken at the pipe

I was just driving and after I accelerated, I heard a pop and it was driving loudlySorry I’m at the dentist right now. Unable to call
Automotive Expert
Okay sounds like the exhaust pipe or muffler connection could have broken I would take it to a exhaust repair shop and see if they can fix that for you .

Most likely what it is from what I can see. The exhaust pipe “dislodged” fell from its normal position
Automotive Expert
sounds like it was rusted and broke off

I know the answer is no. But is it potentially safe to drive home, normal roads and speeds
Automotive Expert
if not dragging on the ground you can keep driving is just the muffler it will be loud driving that's all .

Because I’m about 20 minutes from home. And I’m taking it in to my mechanic tomorrow.
Automotive Expert
If in the rear it will not cause a issue if not hitting anything

It’s not hitting anything, I made sure to listen out when driving to my appointment
Automotive Expert
Okay I would keep driving it should be good to driveThen have your mechanic check it out for youLet me know if you have any more questions. Thank you Roy
Automotive Expert
Just let me know if you need anything Thank you Roy!

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