Q: My turn signals don't flash when I signal them.

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When I go to signal a turn, the light will appear on my dashboard, but the signals won't flash, or even make the noise. I have to mess around with my hazard switch for quite some time and then they will flash. It isn't a huge problem, but it is just super annoying and I would like to know if you could offer some advice. Do you think it is the flasher and it needs to be replaced?

My car has 147800 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hello. Thank you for writing in. Yes the flasher is most likely your issue. It is luckily a very simple fix. The lack of clicking noise, but supply of power, tells us that the flasher is stuck in the on position. The hardest part is accessing the flasher (which is not very difficult honestly), and removing it. It will be located under the dashboard, likely on the driver’s side. Then purchase the exact replacement that you need and reinstall it. The turn signals should work as good as new immediately after. Simply replace the flasher and everything should be back to normal.

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