Q: My car won’t go over 20 MPH but I got her serviced 2 weeks prior. It’s very cold out this is my first winter with her. If somethin

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She only did this for one day. I got her fully serviced two weeks ago and they said she was fine! Because she was. I was on a mini vacation from work and hadn’t driven her for two days. When I went to drive her she started out fine. Then next thing you know she started to downshift (not sure if that’s the correct term) but she was losing power and only going 20mph. I cut her off and back on and boom normal again. My car lot tells me she could be over heating but it’s super cold out. They are also booked up so I can’t take her in. (Warranty so I don’t pay up front) vs going to a car shop that would charge me. I wonder maybe does she need engine fluid or transmission fluid. I haven’t put any in. But honestly when I got her serviced I thought the fluid came with the service so I paid no mind! Please help

My car has 57000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hi Marcalina. Thanks for contacting us tonight. There could be a few different things going wrong with your car. It’s possible that a shift solenoid is either not working correctly or has a poor electrical connection. I wouldn’t suspect overheating (even though the outside temperature doesn’t have anything to do with the engine’s cooling system to work correctly). If this was a glitch that happened once, then went away after you restarted it, I would recommend just keeping an eye on the car and writing down any other symptoms until your normal mechanic can fit you in for an inspection.

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