Q: My car shut off. I did not have any oil . I put the oil in and now it has a clicking noise bt won't turn over. I see the MIL! Help

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I was on my home and my car shut off on my street. I rolled into my yard to learn I was out of oil. I put 2 quarts of oil in my car, and let it sit for a little in my drive (which is a bit hilly). I rolled the car back down to the road and let it sit. It wouldn't start in my drive. But, when I rolled it back down the hill it sounds like it wants to start but it doesn't and eventually just shuts back off. The MIL light is on, please don't tell me I have ruined my car!?!?! What can I do to get it fixed? I really don't want to go to the shop!!! Please, PLEASE, help! THANK YOU!

My car has 135000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

The MIL light will be should be on when the key is in the on position without the engine running. This is normal to show the light is functioning. If the light came on before the engine stalled, then there may be fault codes stored in the system. Engine oil is the life blood of your engine. If it was empty, or low enough that 1-2 quarts did not bring it to FULL level, it is very possible that the engine has seized or is badly damaged. Low oil level increases friction levels inside the engine. If the engine is run with little to no oil, then the metal engine parts can start grinding apart and eventually seize.

The only way to be certain of what’s wrong with your engine is to have a certified technician look into why it will no longer start

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