Q: My car is Nissan Premiere and it uses Elecetric Carbueretor but I notice anytime I buy fuel it burn faster, I mean the fuel use to

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My car is Nissan Premiere and it uses Electric Carbueretor but I notice anytime I buy fuel it burn faster, I mean the fuel use to get exhausted on time. Please what would have been the cause?
My car has an automatic transmission.

If you are noticing a decrease in fuel mileage, there are a few things that you can check. The first thing I would recommend checking would be the air filter. If the air filter is dirty, this will cause the engine to use more effort during running and therefore decreases fuel economy. I would also check the level and condition of the oil. If the oil is black or low, the engine will also use more fuel due to extra effort required. Finally, I would recommend checking the tire pressures. The tire pressure going low can cause a major difference in fuel economy.

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Hi there. Fuel consumption is typically accelerated by three different issues; air to fuel ratio, excessive carbon build up inside fuel system components, and driver input. In some cases, the difference in fuel blends can also impact gasoline consumption. For example; in most geographic areas where temperatures can approach freezing, fuel in the winter has a higher concentration of oxygen; which allows the fuel to burn warmer; and thus, excessive consumption occurs. If you feel as if you’re fuel consumption is poor, you might want to have a local mechanic complete an inspection of your fuel and ignition system component and determine if they are worn out and require service.

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