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Okay for a week or 2 my motor started to sound like a diesel. I knew I needed a oil change because I am 5k miles I'm but haven't had the cash until this week to change it. One day going to work, my car stalls out on me. Then when I started it, a clicking sound came from the motor. Checked my oil and it was bone dry, and when I put more in the diesel sound went away a little bit, but the clicking sound is there. There are very small dots in the oil on the spicet, and not many at all. I had my mechanic put it up on the high riser and he saying the sound is coming directly from the oil pan area. I can't afford a new motor and still owe money on the car, anyone know what the problem is and no it can be fixed for a cheaper rate then new motor. Its been parked since I drop it home. Also the motor doesnt shake and it drives smooth still just the sound in the motor. Thank you.

My car has 111000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

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