Q: Low oil pressure, trouble staying started, oil leaking

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Oil gauge on truck reads low and there is an oil leak. I did a trace and it seems to be coming out mostly by the Bell housing and some other places. Asked previous owner and they said front main seal is the cause. The truck has a hard time starting and will die when I try and drive it as well. I drive it home fine with no issues the day I got it and now I don't know what's wrong. Just need answers to go in the right direction.

My car has 87000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hi Jordan. When you have a rear main seal leak, it’s very difficult to repair without removing the engine. Low oil pressure is typically caused by low oil levels, but also a failing oil pump. However, it usually does not cause hard to start issues. That’s likely an ignition or fuel system failure. Minor things like clogged fuel injectors or a dirty throttle body can cause this, or worn out spark plugs, ignition coil or distributor is also a possible source. In regards to that oil leak, unless you’re willing to remove the engine to repair it, there really is not a good solution to stop this type of oil leak.

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