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Q: Correct wheels and tires for my car

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I have a VW Golf 2012 and my car currently have costume wheels the previous owner left on and they are terrible, they won't hold its air pressure, luckily a fried. Is giving me 5 in exellent conditions 18X8.0 offset 45mm rims. And I want to know if they will fit in my car without compromising the performance of the car, and if I could use regular all season tires. Please if anyone could help I'll appreciate it. Thanks!

My car has 59000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Any wheels other than the factory wheels will compromise the vehicle’s performance to a certain extent. I would recommend getting the factory wheels if you can as they are the best suited for your vehicle. If the factory wheels are not an option, I would recommend removing on wheel to see if the lug studs line up. If the bolt pattern is the same, I would then get some lug nuts that hold the wheels on to your vehicle securely. I would also strongly recommend that the wheels get torqued to factory specification and that the torque gets rechecked once every couple of weeks for a period of time until you are confident that they will remain tight. If you are unsure about any of this, enlist the assistance of a qualified professional.

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