Kick back shift linkage

Q: Kick back shift linkage

asked by on July 26, 2017

I have a 1988 dodge d100 5.2l 318 automatic that I busted the transmission shiftlankage and drive line on I replaced the transmission I hooked up the shifter part so I can put it into gear from the inside of my truck but I didn't hook the the kick back lines two of them one in the middle one that goes up to the top of the engine and one is on the side by my fame that goes to a different location i believe they are called not sure just no its part of my shift linkage All i no is wen i start it and shift gears the transmission seems to do what its suppose too just cant drive yet no driveline yet cause I couldn't figure out how to or if I was missing parts is that a major problem or is it ok for now

Hi there. I’m not quite sure how we can help you here, besides recommending to purchase a service and repair manual for your Dodge and follow the manufacturers instructions for replacing the transmission and supporting components.

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