Q: just brought car to dealership for eoutine oil/filter change and after, was told evrthng check'd out fine. now service light is on

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Last Oct brake pad went out without any warning, got that changed by a local service shop. In Dec took the car in to dealership for oil/filter change. Mentioned the brake issue and was told unfortunately sensors are not present for this model. I was upset but got over it. After the service, they also did routine maintenance check and was told everything was fine. Now 3 mos later the service light is on. Could this have been meant for the brake pad check? Car has 90850 mi on it. Should I bring it in for diagnostics or just reset the warning light anyway? I'm paranoid but husband says not to. Thank you.

My car has 90850 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

The maintenance reminders are programmed to come on at intervals that depend a lot on your driving style, so it is not just a clock. If most of your driving is short trips wherein the car is not allowed to reach full operating temperature, your maintenance intervals will be much shorter. That said, three months seems like a very short time. It could be that the technician who did your last service neglected to reset the maintenance reminder. You can have that taken care of at your convenience by contacting YourMechanic. They can send a technician to your home or office to reset your maintenance reminder for you right there on the spot.

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