Q: Jumped a car now battery my light on, car overheating, and power steering not working?

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My Jetta jump started a dead Tahoe this morning and drove completely fine afterwards. Then two hours later when driving it again, the battery light came on and 5 minutes later the coolant overheating light came on and the car beeped 3 times. I turned that car off to let it cool down, then when I turned it back on the temperature was back down but the battery light remained on, as I continued to drive it the temperature slowly rose and as I pulled into a parking spot the power steering shut off. Was told it could be an issue with my computer after I jumped started another car without disconnecting my alternator? What has happened?

My car has 75000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

It is possible that somehow the alternator was damaged during the process of the jumpstart. I would recommend having your vehicle inspected by a qualified professional to determine if your alternator it’s functioning properly. Consider YourMechanic as this can be done from your home or office.

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