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Q: Jeep wrangler with sbc 350. Rain getting into engine,i havent ran it n theres no coolant in the block or rad.Where could it get in

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I have a 94 wrangler im doin a sbc swap on. 79 5.7L rebuilt 200 miles ago. Havent ran it in over a year,oil was clean when pulled,after checking last week i discovered water was in oil the oil n lots of it. Theres no water or coolant in the block or rad,can't find any water droplets anywhere on the motor. I changed the oil 3 days ago,it rained the next 2 days n after checking today the oil was contaminated again. Where could this water be coming from?

My car has 200 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hi there. If you have not run the engine after putting it into the jeep and there is no water in the block or radiator and after it rains for 2 days you find water in the engine oil, there could be an intake gasket, seal, or valve cover gasket that is not sealed properly. This will cause the water to run off during the rain storm and get into the engine. Also, make sure that the dip stick is in all the way and that the seal on the stick is covering up the inlet. If you need further assistance with rain water getting into your engine, then seek out a professional, such as one from Your Mechanic, to help you.

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Hello. If water is contaminating your oil, particularly after rain then it may be possible that the the contamination is due to condensation from the rain. An engine does not necessarily need to get wet on the exterior for water to condense and find it’s way into the oil. The correct conditions, such as temperature and humidity, need only be present for condensation to occur. This is also more likely to occur if the vehicle is stored outside and if the engine’s PCV system or any crankcase vacuum ports are exposed to open air. When storing an engine be sure to close or cover all ports in order to prevent any sort of dust or moisture contamination. It may also be possible that water is finding it’s way directly into the engine through a possible leak in the rubber hood seals, though this is less likely if you cannot find any evidence of moisture on the exterior of the engine.

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  • Jeep wrangler with sbc 350. Rain getting into engine,i havent ran it n theres no coolant in the block or rad.Where could it get in

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