Q: If I book a repair with you does your repairs come with a warranty?

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Hello! If I book a repair with you does your repairs come with a warranty?

Yes, repair work is guaranteed. The complete terms of YourMechanic’s warranty are within this Warranty Document. Broadly, all labor on repairs and the replacement parts themselves are covered by a 12-month/12,000-mile (whichever comes first) warranty. Subject to certain conditions, if any defects in workmanship arise within this period, YourMechanic will work with you to resolve the issue at no additional cost. Please note that if you ordered a repair service, but YourMechanic did not first perform the diagnostic that substantiates the repair that you ordered, the warranty only covers defects in the replacement parts that you purchased. To illustrate, let’s say you ordered a new battery because your car would not start, but you did not have the "no start" condition actually diagnosed by YourMechanic, if after the new battery is installed by YourMechanic the car still does not start, the warranty does not cover the "car not starting event". The new battery is covered though, of course. If after a mechanic performs a service, you have reason to believe the services caused other problems, the warranty will be voided if you hire another mechanic (outside of YourMechanic) to inspect or work on your car. If we send a mechanic to inspect the car and the inspection demonstrates that the problem was indeed caused by the previous service, then the mechanic will fix your car at no cost to you. If the problem was caused by other reasons, the mechanic will bill you for the inspection or any further repair services provided by him or her. The warranty document at the aforementioned link provides additional details but the bottom line is yes, subject to reasonable exceptions, any repairs performed by Mechanics dispatched by YourMechanic are covered for 12 months or 12,000 miles.

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