Q: i would like to know if i can do oil changes for other people and not be a qualified mechanic

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im intrested in helping out people that dont know or don't have the time to do there own oil changes and air filters i will do it at there house or where ever they need me to be

Hi there. Changing oil, oil filters and air filters is typically a job that an average or non-professionally trained or certified mechanic can complete. It really depends on your comfort level, tools and accessibility to appropriate disposal methods (as oil and filters must be recycled correctly). There is no legal rule that I’m aware of about completing oil changes or minor repair work for people. However, there are personal liability issues you might face. If you’re going to pursue this job idea, you might want to start small with personal friends and family first. It might also be helpful for you to get a part time job at an oil service company (like Jiffy Lube and others) to give you more experience and work on more vehicles. Good luck in your endeavor.

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