Q: I went in for an oil change at about 48k miles; now maintenance light keeps coming on.

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I did an oil change at the dealer at about 48k miles; the maintenance light keeps coming on. What other service do I need? I'm now at 52k miles.

My car has 52000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Your vehicle has sub menus for oil, brakes, emissions, and other categories of maintenance. If you are referring to the oil maintenance reminder symbol, that reminder is based on elapsed time as well as vehicle operating conditions. So, even though you may have "only" traveled 4,000 miles, if the last oil change was more than 12 months ago, the system may generate a reminder simply because there are calendar limits on oil service intervals as well as mileage limits. As well, if the 4,000 miles was within the calendar limit but was accompanied by an unusual amount of idling, due to sitting in traffic, the light would set "early" as well. If other (non oil) symbols are displayed, for example for brakes, those have to be individually looked at. If the maintenance reminder refers to oil, I recommend you schedule an oil/filter change. If, the reminder refers to brakes, or other vehicle components, simply schedule an inspection through YourMechanic and a certified mechanic will read the reminder and inspect the relevant vehicle systems and let you know of any required or indicated maintenance.

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