Q: I have to pump the gas to get the engine to turn over

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My car always attempts to turn on, but its never able to do so unless I pump the gas. If I pump the gas, it fires up. If I dont, then it wont... I also hear a squeeling noise coming from the engine compartment that worsens when I accelerate. Originally I thought it could mean the belt was on too tight or perhaps needed to be replaced. What are some alternatives

Hi..if your vehicle is fuel injected (i.e., does not have a carburetor) by "pumping the accelerator" you are not giving it "extra gas" but rather you are admitting air (or more air) into the intake manifold. Pumping the accelerator on a fuel injected car has no effect on the amount of gas supplied at start up. What may be happening is your idle air control (IAC) valve (if equipped) is sticking closed. With too little air, the engine won’t start. By depressing the accelerator you are remedying that fault of too little air by opening the throttle more. If this is the case, you need not pump the accelerator, just hold it steady to the floor until the car starts. To permanently resolve this issue, simply request a hard starting diagnostic and the responding certified mechanic will evaluate the IAC valve and all other possible causes for your hard starting condition. With regard to the squealing noise, that is probably related to an accessory drive (e.g., alternator, A/C pulley) or an idler or tensioner pulley and of course the belt is a possibility. That problem would be resolved during a squealing belt/accessory/pulley diagnostic.

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