Q: i have this code for my 2008 nissan sentra po725 readng the symptoms i have none car runs perfect in fact like about 9 months ago

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i have this code for my 2008 nissan sentra po725 reading the symptoms i have none car runs perfect in fact like about 9 months ago this code popped up i did nothing went out all on its own , now back on again i just recently had a mass air flow filter sensor code but turned out to be the air intake hose changed that no cel light for weeks now 2 days ago this code along with po455 if i have no symptoms no hard to start no stall no misfire why do i have the code and why did i get it before and went out all on its own in fact the car running like new since fixed the air intake hose can this code be a error

My car has 153000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

I am unable to tell you exactly what is going on with your vehicle without more information, but I can give you the information I have available on the diagnostic trouble codes (DTC’s) that you have listed. The P0725 relates to the crankshaft position sensor. According to the testing flow chart, it suggests that there is more than likely a problem with either a failing crankshaft position sensor, or the wiring that is associated with it. As far as the P0455 goes, this code relates to a large evaporative emissions leak. This is normally observed when a gas cap has been left off, refueling while the engine is running, or an evap hose that has been compromised. A visual inspection may able to identify the origin for the fault, but more intense diagnostics may be necessary otherwise. If you feel you could use a hand in identifying and/or repairing the issues, contact a certified mechanic, like those available at YourMechanic.com.

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