Q: I have some battery date codes i want to decode.

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Saw codes on my OEM mercedes benz starter battery. Will give a list. Which one is the code? What is the date according to this code? 1) RA 00 932 217 2) 875 500 401 3) 12203501 4) 535 106 052 5) 00 978 896 6) 00 915 664 For the auxiliary battery (the one in the boot) i also have some codes. Which one is the date code? What is the date? 1) 16 015 2 2 2) 15 18 6 1277 S 3) 122 03501 4) 568 599 RA Notice the RA in number 1 on the starter battery and number 4 of the auxiliary battery do they have anything in common? Believe i was sold an expired battery. Dates were written on the terminal heads on both batteries. The date show 12th month of 2015 for aux battery and 6th month of 2017 for starter. But i crank engine and get nothing but a sign on dashboard saying "Battery Visit Workshop!" in red. I jump start and ride for 15 - 20 mins and the sign goes, i stop and try to start and get nothing but the sign again. Jump start and Repeat. Pls answer all questions. Have been on this for long. TIA.
My car has an automatic transmission.

According to the local Mercedes Benz dealer, the dates stamped on the terminals represent the month and year the batteries were manufactured. Generally, advice in the industry (this is not from MB) is don’t buy a battery if the DOM (date of manufacture) exceeds 6 months prior to your purchase. The other numbers are not relevant to the date of manufacture. As far as your present circumstance where the vehicle will not start and you are receiving a dashboard warning light, that will be resolved if you request a no start diagnostic. If you have further questions or concerns, do not hesitate to re-contact YourMechanic as we are always here to help you.

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