Q: I have replaced the bad battery and starter, alternator was checked and tested good, but car still wont start

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I have replaced the bad battery and starter both were tested at orileys auto, alternator was also tested as good., but car still wont start my personal family mechanic checked the fuse box but he thinks problem is coming from a different breaker on car, sorry im not familiar with the name of the part, the part that helps if something is grounded, but i was also told that a wire needed to be fixed with electrical tape.which was done im.not.sure.but there must be some. Type of electrical issue. What could it possibly be???

Hello. A no start condition can be caused by many things. If it is not cranking at all then that likely signifies an issue with the starting circuit. If the battery, starter, and alternator have tested good then the next thing to look at would be the vehicle’s wiring, fuses and relays. If there is an issue with any of these, such as corrosion at the cables, or a burned out or fuse or relay, then power could be cut off to the starting circuit, which may result in a no crank condition. Another possibility is a fault with the ignition switch, the electrical switch that engages the starter when the key is turned. As a no start condition can be caused by many things, if you are unsure of the cause, I would recommend having a professional technician, such as one from YourMechanic, visit your location to diagnose what may be causing your no start condition.

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